Pipeline needs to be made safe

The Northern Gateway pipeline is going to happen anyway, so let's make sure it's done right

I see the pipeline inquiry is getting started. Does anyone know if the pipeline will be double — that is one inside the other with a vacuum between them?

That is, and has been for some time, the standard practice for storage fuel tanks.

Should you get a leak in the inner fuel storage the vacuum is lost and it can be dealt with without a spill.

Being the standard for storage, it will be interesting to see if that came up in the design process.

At the very least a vacuum pipeline should be used within two kilometres of any waterway.

Another thing that the Americans use out of Valdez are tugs that are secured to the tanker at all times until the pilot has them removed when free of dangerous waters.

Now is the time to establish the best safety to the environment as possible and should be used as bargaining tools.

I believe the pipeline will be built, so everyone has to ensure the finished facility is the best possible option that can be had.

To simply say no won’t work on this project, because too much is at stake.

Bob Tritschler