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Politician wanted

Successful candidate will have a variety of skills and abilities

Wanted, a workhorse politician with no hidden agenda to represent our communities.

Must have a sound track record of unconditional community service and be willing to hold them self accountable to the people who elect them. Current government has fallen short of expectations with no sign of change.

The candidate should be a “what you see is what you get” person who has an opinion; we can live with this, even if we don’t agree with him or her.

Must have a grass roots understanding of the needs of the community would be an asset.  To this end, local residency would be an asset.

The candidate will be expected to attend all sessions in the legislation and during down time must be available.  This is a full time position attendance at events other than photo opportunities is required.

A good salary and compensation package is being offered, however, the candidate should be prepared to be frugal, curb expenses and pass the savings on to the residence of British Columbia. Once again the current government appears to have fallen short of expectation and the tax to the max concept is becoming tiresome.

We are looking for a candidate who exercises common sense and is not afraid to get down and dirty. No dress code is required.

All applicants are required to speak English and obfuscation as a  second language will not be recognized. Regardless of political party you my apply prior to the next election.

Wayne Mossman


Qualicum Beach