Price it right

Consumers need to check added costs when they go across the border

The whole price and nothing but the price.

Regardless of what side you are on in the PST/ HST debate, why don’t we all look at the decision to revert to the PST as a golden opportunity to correct the most frustrating and totally unnecessary inconvenience in retail pricing and everyday shopping?

I refer of course to the advertised price of just about everything not being the price you are going to pay, leaving the consumer to hazard a guess on the fly in the check-out line up what is going to be added in taxes.

Why does the consumer have to try and figure out the added costs when there is a simple solution?

What is wrong with the taxes being included on the sticker?

The receipt will show you what you paid in tax (if you really want to know) and we’ll all be just as wise as we are now.

We got the airlines to add it all in, why not everyone else?

I understand the competition aspect for cross-border shopping, web dealing, etc. but consumers in to that kind of purchasing are aware that they need to check added costs.

I say let’s have a law introduced that what you see is what you pay in B.C.

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