Problems needed

Seniors shouldn't worry, because the cuts will only hurt their kids

The Conservatives have become a party of solutions in search of problems. And when problems can’t be found, they are made up.

For example,  crime rates in Canada are down. MP James Lunny says no they aren’t because unreported crimes are up, albeit marginally.Therefore, billions have to be spent on corrections to accommodate phantom criminals.

A more recent example is the apparent plan by the Conservatives to increase the OAS retirement age from 65 to 67. Mr. Lunny, in his defense of the idea, uses worst case scenarios and neglects to mention any of the studies commissioned by his own government including that of the parliamentary budget officer. In fact, the effect on GDP will be .07 per cent. Apparently, then, the government’s priorities are to spend money on phantom criminals and to reduce funding for the next generation of seniors.

This cynical attitude to policy-making is made much worse by Mr. Lunny’s message to current seniors not to worry because the cuts will only hurt their kids.

Robert Muir