Rail line is a money pit

Is it a coincidence that rail is on the table right now?

Well folks, here we go again. Another attempt for siphoning more money from the tax payer. A recent proposal by the Island Corridor asking for funds through a municipal tax hike is ridiculous.

They already received $15 million of our tax dollars. Now they want another $5 million for track upgrades. We are told it is going to increase tourism. Have they not looked at the past rail service?

The service operated at a loss, even though they were subsidized and got the land for nothing. The revenue brought in was not sufficient to maintain the safety of the track. It would take an enormous increase in tourism to justify a $25 million expenditure.

In my opinion, it seems a strange coincidence that there is renewed interest in reviving train service to the Island, at the same time controversial Raven Coal Mine is being discussed.

Jack Hotson