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Refine the gas here

Big profits could be made if we refine gasoline right here in Canada

After a fire at a refinery in Washington State it was announced that the supply of jet fuel to the Vancouver airport would be stopped.

Why do we not refine our own crude? Why do we let U.S. refineries get all the value added profit? As a realist I believe the tar sands are here to stay — a Canadian asset, as well as an Albertan asset. They should not be allowed to build a pipeline for crude to the B.C. coast though, as this would inevitably ruin the B.C. environment on sea and land, just to make a profit and aid China.

We could make a profit by building a pipeline to take natural gas to the coast, liquify it and sell it to Asia without the environmental threat of crude. We should build a pipeline from Alberta through to Vancouver, or ship by rail and build a refinery. Build a pipeline through to Ontario, maybe following the Trans-Canada Highway and build refineries in Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and two or three in Ontario.

If we concentrated on jet fuel we could supply all our airports and make a profit.

Patricia Meadows