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Sanity a need

The Conservatiove government has its priorities on all askew

I am delighted to hear some true Conservatives speaking out against the Harperites’ 425-page omnibus bill and its provisions to destroy the Canadian people’s capacity to have oversight on projects with the potential to destroy our environment.

However, I wonder where the voices who believe in Canadian democracy and value those who serve in Canada’s military are.

Where are voices of Canadians who joined Reform because they knew transparency, integrity, a level playing field of ideas and accountability were vital to a functioning democracy?

Rather than supporting Elections Canada getting to the bottom of the over 1,000 allegations of election fraud in the 2011 election, the Harper Conservatives are cutting an already underfunded Elections Canada a further $7 million.

These cuts are not because of a lack of funds.

The Harperites plan to spend over $8 million to investigate organizations who express opinions, which are backed by independent peer reviewed science, that differ from theirs.

In the meantime they do not bat an eye about the millions donated by foreigners such as the Koch Brothers to so-called charities like the Fraser Institute or industry-backed research institutes.

If Conservatives truly fear an NDP federal government, they must rid themselves of the Harperites and work hard to return some sanity, transparency, accountability and integrity to this party before Canada’s democracy and environment are destroyed beyond repair.

Yvonne Zarowny


Qualicum Beach