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Slash burning issue

Why can logging companies continue to burn logging slash?

Watching the news this evening I found it very interesting that Dr. Paul Hasselbeck from VIHA is so intent on ridding Vancouver Island of hookah pipes yet seems uninterested in ensuring air quality for all seniors by banning burning forest logging slash.

I have been lobbying for the termination of logging and large woody debris burning for some time, but to no avail.

Our MLA can’t even get by the carbon issue where the government’s view is that carbon would be released regardless if it is burned or if it rots.

I wish that our government could see the added costs of senior respiratory problems of smoky particulates from slash burning. It is 2012, not 1912.

The solution is simple, chip it and broadcast it back on the forest floor or use as mulch in new developments.

It is time that administrators and directors of our future use some common sense and actually do something positive for the voters.

Get past the party politics and take care of the province, not your own self interest.

Bob Tritschler