Slow down, for the children’s sake

Moss Street in Parksville is not a thoroughfare and should not be treated by drivers as one

This is to inform the public that Moss Street is not a thoroughfare highway. It has a speed limit of 30 kilometres per hour.

There are many small children on this street going to school every day. The vehicles I count travelling on this street are far exceeding this limit.

The little boy who lost his life one street over should be a reminder to lessen our weighted feet off the gas peddle in residential streets.

You do not need to flash fingers at the residents who wave you to slow down. What you need to do is to remember your own children walk to school and that you would like the drivers to be respectful to them.

So the next time you are on Moss street, remember it is full of kids and there is an elementary school at the end of the street. Be responsible, slow down and save a life.

Danielle Lirette