Smart meters have their valid uses

New system is more accurate at measuring power consumption

Sometimes you have to be the devils advocate to stimulate thought. I find it interesting to see what response one gets.

We have seen reports of bills doubling and they are probably true. The reason though is not  smart meters changing consumption but because of different rates for different times of the day. The old meters could not correlate the meter reading and the time.

New Smart Meters can, reflecting the time, usage and rate for that particular time frame. Running your air conditioner under the old flat rate in Palm Springs did not reflect its’ consumption at peak periods during the heat of the day, when most brownouts occur.

Rates are higher at these peak periods and hence your bill is higher. One should be more concerned about variable rates for different time periods.

In respect to radiation from smart meters,  I have not seen any hard data that shows they are any more dangerous to human health than say a cell phone or Wi-fi.

I am, however, still looking. For those of you who are looking out of concern or interest check out and look around the world at what they’re doing.

Bob Tritschler