Stay out of foreign wars

No good will come out of meddling overseas

No good can come to Canada from participating in foreign civil wars.

Regardless of which side wins when the guns fall silent, outsiders who got involved will be justly hated when the war is over.

For instance, the overthrow of the democratic government of Jean Aristide in Haiti was a terrible mistake and a disgrace to Canada.

Paul Martin should be charged as a war criminal because of it.

The invasion of Afghanistan to support the Bush administration’s theory that the Taliban government of that country was somehow responsible for the 9/11 bombings was also clearly illegal.

Canada should have supported the Taliban’s offer before the war to send Osama bin Laden for trial at the international court in Europe, instead of kowtowing to the Americans’ proclaimed crusade in Afghanistan.

However, the Libyan civil war will be the most disastrous for Canada.

Both Canada and Libya are net exporters of oil, in competition on the world market.

The problem is, Libyan oil is much cleaner than our tarsands crude.

Colonel Gadaffi is popular among many Libyans, especially the poor, because of his redistribution of the country’s wealth.

Women are more free in Libya than any other Muslim country excepting Indonesia.

The opposition there appears to be in rebellion to gain control of the oil and money rather than for democracy.

Whoever wins, the majority will despise Canada for our participation, especially those who lost relatives and friends to Canadian bombs.

Jim Erkiletian