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Stop the nonsense

British Columbia may have lost people in the 90s, but the province gained more

I cannot believe the suggestion that 50,000 people left B.C. in the 1990s, as a recent television commercial is stating.

There was never a year in the ‘90s that our population decreased, as a mater of fact, 748,384 people came to B.C., in the ‘90s! This averages 68,035 increase every year of the ‘90s.

The last two years of that government,1999 and 2000, the increase was 28.265 and 27,856 respectively.  How can this commercial be allowed to air when it is full of deceit? The only way it can be justified is maybe 50,000 people left B.C., but 748,384 replaced them! No wonder people are not coming out to vote, this kind of crap has to stop!

W.H. Martin