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Take the bag home

People depositing their dog's leavings in the creek are a problem, whether they use a bag or not

This letter is in regards to all those people who run their dogs on the Eaglecrest Golf Course in Qualicum Beach and throw their bagged dog poop into the little creek that runs along the fourth fairway.

I have just spent the last half hour fishing out bagged dog poop from the creek — at least 15 bags and there were still  some I couldn’t reach.  What are you doing running your dogs on the golf course? Where do you think the poop ends up? Are you so indisposed that you can’t take your dog’s poop home with you and dispose of it there?

If you are a dog owner that can’t take responsibility of picking up after your dog and disposing of the poop in a adult manner, get a cat.

Maeva Lowen


Qualicum  Beach