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Teachers greedy

Those who educate our children need an education of their own

As our teachers flex their collective muscle yet again, many of us are feeling less than sympathetic regarding their cause.   The cost of living has been rising for all of us, but we are not in the position to demand more year after year.

Many of us believe that teachers are already overpaid for what they do, with summers off, extended holidays and a bewildering number of Pro-D days.  Let’s cut through the usual justifications and to the heart of the matter.

Most people became teachers because of the income, benefits and security the profession offers, not because of their selfless devotion to teaching.

They are in the education business and have been involved with it since their first day at university. They promote it because it pays them a handsome income.

Their ever-increasing salaries are paid with tax dollars and they should be held accountable and their performance subject to review.

The resource well they drink from is drying up. The overall economy is not strong and fewer of us can realistically expect substantial increases in income and benefits from our jobs.  Their voracious appetite will eventually drain the well, possibly denying their own students a decent job and life.

Frank Jencik

Nanoose Bay