The latest import

Chickens are just the latest unwanted visitor we are thinking about importing

I wonder when we will get the message about bringing fowl into an area and then finding years later we have a problem on our hands.

First we bring geese to Parksville, for shooting and eating. Next we bring rabbits for pets and eating and now we want to have chickens. We humans have a bad record regarding pets and their care.

Chickens don’t lay eggs forever — they need food, water, shelter and care. They will bring with them problems of racoons, rats, cats and dogs. Also they might encourage wolves and cougars.

It sounds great for a child to see a chicken lay an egg; and it sounds great to see a cat give birth to kittens; but what happens to most of the kittens? Check your local SPCA. It’s the same with puppies. Is this what we want 10 years down the road?

Pat Hall