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The mayor must be dreaming

It's not likely the federal government will be giving out any grants soon

Disingenuous and self-serving sums up the Qualicum mayors behavior.

With regards to delaying further the new fire hall in hopes of unannounced federal funding in 2014 the mayor is dreaming.

The Conservatives have a new five-year mandate with a majority and are making deep cuts with the exception of defence spending.  Why didn’t the Mayor have the Town of Qualicums hand out in 2009 and 2010 when the Fed’s handed out billions in the stimulus program to municipalities across the country for infrastructure projects including fire halls?

We could have built the hall and paid for it by now without  grants or loans if money had not been spent on an over budget golf club, $1 million on the existing fire hall, $1 million on a roundabout, paid over market value for school bus property or had not purchased the property at all.

I just don’t see those projects as being more important than an up-to-date, earthquake-proof first responders facility. In light of Saturday’s 7.7 earthquake  should I dare mention we could also use a tsunami warning system in Qualicum Beach.

Brian Jenkins


Qualicum Beach