The right to refuse

Why are we told we don't have to accept smart meters if they are going to be installed regardless?

We live in Qualicum Beach. A very undiplomatic Corix representative came here on March 21 to convince us that installation of a smart meter was coming, in spite of our opposition. He left when we remained adamantly opposed.

Can B.C. Hydro remove their property (the old meter) from our property and leave us with no electrical service?

Is this the kind of democracy that the B.C. Liberals want to give us?

There is mounting scientific evidence that the radiation from smart meters is harmful to our health and the bills from homes with smart meters have gone up all across Canada.

EMFs are classified as a Class 2B carcinogen by the World Health Organization — the same as lead paint and DDT.

Come on Canada. We have a right to refuse the polluting of our property.

Colin McFadden

Bill Wilson

Verdelle Wilson

Qualicum Beach