They don’t mix

Shellfish farms and coal mines are a very unlikely pair

I would like to let everyone know that the Baynes Sound area is a pristine farming area.

It is Canada’s oyster capital due to its clean waters. Population growth, climate change and industrial pollution are all threats to the shellfish sector that relies heavily on clean water to sell shellfish globally.

Shellfish farming has beneficial effects to the nearby ecosystem and helps maintain the natural balance of marine life. It is one of very few industries that can add positive benefits to an area while also providing local employment.

Please visit the Fanny Bay wharf and view the stellar sea lions barking at the wharf because this is where the mine will be situated, and it is also where 600 shellfish farmers have invested millions of dollars in farm equipment and product that provides sustainable employment for many generations to come as long as the area remains pristine.

Coal mining and shellfish farming do not mix.

Greg Wood


Fanny Bay