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Tough for the seniors

Why are seniors so cut off from our main attraction in Qualicum Beach?

We in QB live in such a beautiful small town, peopled by a large proportion of seniors, so many of whom do not or cannot drive — or walk far.

Yet there is no way publicly to access the lovely beach and promenade along the seawall from the town centre without a car.

For two years, during July and August, there has been a bus provided hourly on a particular route.  It has sadly been discontinued in 2012 despite verbal expectations to the contrary.  Phone calls and personal contacts have been made and it is surprising that this arrangement was unexpectedly cancelled.

May I, speaking for a number of residents I know, summarize the problem of which you must certainly be aware.

The bus was hard to enter as the entrance steps were often far too high.  A mini bus would probably have been sufficient at first and probably cheaper to run.  A space for a folding walker or two could be valuable as during the last two years which seemed to work well.

If cost is vital in the decision then why not a nominal charge of $2 a ride? Even $5? It would be cheaper than a scarce taxi.  Partial sponsorship also might be investigated.

A well publicized schedule is necessary.  Many in the town did not even know because it was announced too faintly or too late in the year. Any service provision however small will not ‘build’ in one season.  It might take two or three years to be well known.

It is quite incredible that many older citizens (and at times their grandchildren!) are cut off from our premier attraction at Q.B.

Richard Gilman


Qualicum Beach