Tourism thwarted

Why does the city thwart anyone who wants to improve the place?

Bernie Walsh made multiple proposals and certain self-serving people saw fit to raise enough hell to have our weak-kneed city councils (plural, as there were several in 10 years) to back off any plan that did not suit their fancy. On top  of all this was the city planner — or unplanner — to deal with.

Oh! Well, you all got what you wanted, or did you? Put away the stick and stop whining. After all is said and done the city lost the tax revenue,  the jobs and most of all a structure or structures for the city to be proud of in the future.

What is wrong with this city that talks the need of tax revenue and jobs and tourism  but thwarts anyone who is interested in tourism and tax enhancement. Ten years from inception to failure. What a plan.

Peter J. Hebert