Use the current OCP

We had out public input - so council should use it

Like Coun. Scott Tanner, I also think that revisiting piecemeal section of the Qualicum Beach OCP “has to be a complete aberration of the democratic process … because it disenfranchises the public who did participate in the OCP process.”

Should we revisit last November’s municipal elections also because some of us didn’t like the outcome? Shall we pick it apart to deal with disappointments (and other ideas)?

I agree with Mayor Teunis Westbroek on the issue of infill of lots and that it matters to find out what’s holding the development up, which seems to me to incorporate and continue the OCP.

I agree with Coun. Luchtmeijer that the town should not let developers drive change, but for the town to do so. I would, however, like to emphasize the word town and not necessarily the term “majority of council” which in reality could be only three persons.

Coun. Willie wants to look at decisions that were made and the public, if they feel the decisions were good, they’ll let the council know.

Well we already did with our OCP just a short while ago. It was a big deal then and still is. Use it.

Sylvia M. Hofstetter

Qualicum Beach