Vitamin D not so free

Sunlight during the winter months just doesn't have why it takes

Not that I wish to defend MP Dr. James Lunney, but I do wish to clarify the statements made about vitamin D by Bob Tritschler in his letter to the editor (The News, Oct 5).

It is true that sunlight triggers vitamin D production in the skin, as Tritschler points out.  However, the angle of the sun’s rays are not intense enough to provide this free source of vitamin D during the winter months.

Deficiency of this important vitamin is prevalent in northern climates like ours and is linked to risk of falls and fractures, increased risk of cardiovascular disease, MS, and cancer, dementia, fibromyalgia, anxiety, depression and low hormone levels.

So, while I respect Tritschler’s frustration with shortcomings in our national health care system, I would urge him and your readers not to rely on the weak winter sun or tanning beds to provide adequate vitamin D this winter.

If you are not moved to supplement vitamin D because your MP says so, do it because the following health agencies recommend it:  Health Canada, the Vancouver Island Health Authority, Fraser Health Authority, Dietitians of Canada, BC Ministry of Health Services, Canadian Cancer Society, and Osteoporosis Canada.

Lisa Leger,

Natural Health Consultant

Parksville Pharmasave