We can’t let this happen

Has conscience completely gone by the wayside these days

I was very disturbed by the recent article (The News, Oct. 21) about the recent wage cuts and roll backs to the hardworking, overworked and already under paid staff at Stanford Place. Cuts by as much as $3 per hour at a time when the cost of living steadily escalates — all in the face of a less than anticipated bottom line for corporate investors.

And it is obvious who will suffer the most: our seniors, the ones who have worked all their lives, fought in wars, paid a lifetime of taxes, and now, in their hour of need, are left at a grave disadvantage that they are powerless to address.

I am ashamed that this is happening in our society, this country we call Canada.

Yes, corporate greed is at the crux of the issue. It is the Kevin O’Learys of the world who unabashedly espouse the cliché that “greed is good.” Obviously an atheist.

Greed  (excessive or reprehensible acquisitiveness, at the expense of others) is right up there on the list of the seven deadly sins, and yet you hear it broadcast unashamedly more and more these days.

We are headed in the wrong directions folks, the direction of protests and uprisings and revolts.

Let’s right these wrongs, nip this nonsense in the bud, not sit back and watch this vile decline.

Has conscience gone completely by the wayside?

Why are the hardest working sods, the ones who struggle ever harder to get by,  always at the bottom of the rung? And the top dogs sit back and collect their bonuses.

Are we really going to sit back and let this happen people?

Norma Hesby


Qualicum Beach