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If you don't want cats killing birds, spay or neuter them

I read with interest the letters printed in Tuesday’s paper regarding free-roaming cats. It’s highly likely that many of the cats that are free roaming are abandoned or feral.

Since these cats have little or no human care, they continue to breed and multiply contributing to the free-roaming overpopulation. The best way to address this over population problem is to spay and neuter cats.   A cat that is sterilized can’t reproduce, and over time, this free roaming cat population will decrease.

We at Qualicum Cat Rescue have an ongoing spay/neuter project offering free spay/neuter certificates to the general public in our area. However, we can only offer a limited number of certificates each year due to funding constraints.

Our goal is to see fewer unwanted and uncared-for cats being born, thus significantly reducing the free-roaming cat population.

If the people who believe that cats are the reason that birds and other wild life are being “slaughtered,” perhaps they should consider making a donation to the Qualicum Cat Rescue to help us continue our spay/neuter project.   We are a charitable society and can issue tax receipts.

Deb Maddocks


Qualicum Cat Rescue