What’s not said

MP James Lunney might want to stop patting himself on the back

James Lunney’s sales pitch of Conservative accomplishments is lengthy and consists of many millions of dollars that the constituency received over many years.

He pats himself on the back for funding and grants and infrastructure monies that would in all likelihood have been given to this area of the Island regardless of which political party was in power.

In his  letter (The News, Feb. 7) however it is not so much what he said , but what he did not say. He did not address the outrageous and embarrassingly fat pensions that MP’s receive for very few years of service and the huge cost of these pensions to the taxpayer.

He did not address the 30 new positions voted into parliament and the multi millions in tax dollars to the tax payers. He did not address the reworking the CPP so that any one turning 60 or over will pay more and receive less.

He did not address the possibility of seniors not getting their OAS pension before age 67 versus 65 now or receiving less if they choose to take it at age 65.

Don Reitsma