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Wheels must go

Walkway at Parksville Beach should be reserved for pedestrian traffic only

I am writing because I am concerned about the care — or should I say lack of care — that is being given to the new wooden walkway along our Parksville Beach.

I use the walkway weekly and have been observing how its use is being abused. There are roller bladers, bicyclers, and skate boarders who go rushing by, weaving in and out of the elderly and other users.

The boardwalk has many knotholes missing and the boards have chips out of them. I’m sure the boardwalk was intended for walking and wheelchairs; not for the traffic that seems to take it for granted. I agree ‘it is an easy ride’ and maybe a short cut to wherever those on wheels are intending to go.

Is the city prepared to re-build it in the near future? I’m sure ‘not.’ Perhaps signs posted at each end, and maybe in the brochure for the patrons who frequent the Beach Club Towers, would deter some.

I realize there are many, many people who don’t read … they don’t read signs, they don’t read brochures, and they won’t read this letter. But they will be the first to complain when the walkway is no longer safe to walk on, because it has too many holes and cracks.

There are even people who let their dogs pee and poo where we walk. Many dog owners can’t read either.

This is a very busy walkway used by those joggers, brisk walkers and just social saunterers.

The walkway is a new feature of our shoreline.

Am I the only one who wants to take care of what we have? Anyone out there agree that a public appeal against the wheels that are damaging the boardwalk is necessary?

Dale Kethler