Where is the outrage on Coptic Christian attacks?

Where is the outrage on Coptic Christian attacks?

The horrific massacre of May 23 in Manchester shocked the whole world and has been in the news every day since. There is empathy and support around the Western world and nations are mourning, along with those affected by this terrible act of cowardice. The death toll has now risen to 22, mostly young people, and rightfully so nationwide searches and investigations are taking place in England to find the perpetrators who contributed to the planning and implementation of this unspeakable event.

On the 26th of May, only days after the Manchester event, 29 Coptic Christians were slaughtered in Egypt, possibly by Isis, bringing the total death toll since December to more than 100.

Yet these events barely made the news and have not been heard about, other than the initial superficial news coverage in the West. One cannot help but wonder why? Are the lives of these people less valuable than British lives? Is it because they are not quite Caucasians?

Of course, as John Milton wrote long ago:

“… God is decreeing to begin some new and great period in his church, even to the reforming of reformation itself; what does He then but reveal Himself to his servants and, as His manner is, first to His Englishmen?”

Hans Rysdyk

Qualicum Beach