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Where the shovel hits the driveway

Helpers give aid to snowbound senior in Qualicum Beach

It’s hard to imagine how being snowed in could have a positive effect and make me feel so good, but as unusual as it sounds, that is the case.

Following the weather forecasts that were given, I believe most seniors who hesitate to walk or drive in such conditions, took advantage of the warnings. We stocked up on supplies, then hunkered down to wait out the storm.

When the snow came I took advantage of being housebound by keeping busy, making a batch of jam, baking bread, trying out new recipes, making long delayed sewing repairs and talking more than usual to my dog.

My enthusiasm began to dwindle after the first days, especially each time I looked out the window at the depth of snow in my driveway. Age and arthritis prevented me from dealing with it.  To avoid being depressed further I got busy assembling the ingredients to bake a quiche I hadn’t made before. That was when the doorbell rang.

Opening the door I was surprised to see the smiling face of Teunis Westbroek, the Mayor of Qualicum Beach. I quickly brushed the flour from my hands on my apron as he explained he’d felt the need to get out for a walk and some exercise when he noticed my driveway had not been shoveled. He said that if I had a snow shovel handy he would clear it for me.

I was speechless! I had spoken with the mayor at various meetings over the years and had always found him to be courteous, knowledgeable and very considerate, but never had I imagined a mayor making such an offer! My driveway has never been cleared so efficiently. I was truly overwhelmed by his kindness.

I must also express my appreciation of another very special resident, my long time hair stylist, Shirley McAdam at River Cuts, who called to ask if there was any shopping she could pick up in town for me. Such consideration is very touching.

Marilyn Lambert


Qualicum Beach