Checking through social media feeds can be an interesting exercise. (Black Press Media file photo)

Checking through social media feeds can be an interesting exercise. (Black Press Media file photo)

WOLF: Mr. Rogers would be proud of this friendly day in the neighbourhood

COLUMN: Residents quick to offer assistance for person coming off surgery

It was just a routine social media post, one of hundreds I sift through each day.

But this one resonated for all the right reasons.

As anyone who checks in on any social media platform these days, things online can be a bit of a cesspool.

Civil discussion too often deteriorates into insults. Endless spam (not the kind my Nana used to fry up for us), bizarre conspiracy theories, and ‘experts’ with University of Facebook degrees barking loudly day after day.

I genuinely enjoy seeing different points of view (an open mind can be a wonderful thing) but the unwillingness of many to see beyond the tips of their noses without resorting to attack mode becomes a little tiresome.

So when the following exchange (names and minor details changed to keep it in house, so to speak) popped up in one of the PQB area community groups I belong to, it made me smile.

(Neighbour 1) asked a question in (Community Group).

“Just putting out some feelers if I can’t find someone before Monday. Is there anyone that would be able to pull a regular-sized garbage can up my driveway to the road on Tuesday the 18th? Or if you’re going by the dump I’ll gladly pay as it’s one household bag. I’ve just had surgery and I’m not able to do it. I’m on (Random) Road. Greatly appreciated.”

Within minutes, there were a variety of responses.

(Neighbour 2)

“Of course I can do that… give me time and place.”

(Neighbour 1)

“(Neighbour 2) Thank you. It can go out anytime before I’d say 10:30-11. I’ll pay you for your time . I’ll pm you my address as I’m in a suite at the back of the house. Greatly appreciated. If by chance things change please let me know.”

(Neighbour 2)

“(Neighbour 1) No problems… see you then.

(Neighbour 3)

“Hi. We are on (Random Road) too. If you pm me your address I can come and help you out.”

(Neighbour 4)

“I live on (Random Road) I can also do that for you.”

(Neighbour 5)

“Great neighbours.”

(Neighbour 1)

I just don’t want to put anyone out of their way. I’m in the high 900s so whoever is closer to and more convenient… thank you for everyone being so kind and helpful. Who woulda thought it would be that hard putting out the garbage one day.”

Pretty sure if I kept checking back, there would be even more offers to help out. And I do know that the overwhelming majority of folks out there – even in trying times – are terrific and just like the above listed neighbours.

When sifting through the sludge, it’s still always nice to be reminded this is the case. Thanks, neighbours.

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