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WOLF: Show us those recipes for a shot at bragging rights, prize

Share your favourite fun food creations with other readers
A recipe from Bev Wolf’s collection. (Penny Koers photo)

OK, talented cooks… let’s see what you’ve got.

A while back, I mentioned how my Mum – and everyone else’s mother when I was growing up – was an amazing cook.

I also mentioned how I basically failed to follow in those footsteps. Adding blueberries to yogurt qualifies as a culinary masterpiece for me.

For those who missed it, I asked my sister if she still had the old plastic container of Mum’s recipes, many passed down from my Nana. All lovingly typed out on little cards.

My sister did indeed have them, and sent me a few of my favourites, including my all-time favourite, peach upside-down pudding cake.

I shared that recipe and many of you tried it, to my delight. You even shared pictures, which was awesome.

And one of the talented folks who tried that recipe was my son, who absolutely nailed it.

It was my Christmas gift this year, a taste of childhood. I couldn’t eat the corner pieces fast enough and, of course, used my own skills to add the Cool Whip.

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One of the best parts of having recipes is the sharing.

Whether it’s passing them down through generations of your own family – or sharing them with the world.

So now, we want your recipes.

Each month, we’re going to have a contest. Send in those recipes, and have a shot at winning a $50 gift card each month for Raven’s New & Used Furniture and Home Décor.

Moving forward, we’ll break them down into different categories. For this month, though, we just want your favourites.

To enter, go online to and click on ‘Recipe Box Contest’. Follow the instructions and you’re good to go.

Here’s those directions:

Whip up your signature dish with love and creativity. Snap a mouthwatering photo of your culinary creation. Submit your recipe, photo, and a short blurb about what inspired your masterpiece.

If you have limited internet access, I’ve got you.

You can either email it to me, snail mail (attention me) or drop it off at our office 174 Corfield St., No. 203, Parksville, BC, V9P 2G5 (also attention me) and I’ll get you entered.

I always love a good back story, so please share those as well and in addition to the monthly winner, I’ll collect some of the best tales and share those as well at a later date. Good luck!

PQB News/VI Free Daily editor Philip Wolf can be reached at or 250-905-0029.

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