Barrel racers to return to Coomb

Wild west fans won't want to miss the action in Coombs

The Island Barrel Racers were at the Coombs Rodeo Grounds for Saturdays event. It was a great turnout, with the lots of sun at a favourite venue for many club members.

The top riders for the day in the Open division: 1D Lindsey Innes from Campbell River, 2D Sara Rathy from Lanzville, 3D Kaila Christy from Courtenay and 4D Jackie Mercer from Errington.

In the Junior division: 1D Morgan Davis from Courtenay, and 4D Brianne Martin from Campbell River.

For the Senior division: 1D Leslie Pederson from Black Creek, 3D Sue Sheppard of Coombs and 4D Carole Herman from Courtenay.

Coombs’ own Paige Noble was the only PeeWee riding Saturday.

The next races will be Saturday, June 2 — racing starts at 5 p.m. — and Sunday, June 3, racing start at 11a.m.


Admission is free, and all spectators are welcome.