Fitness for people and pets

Scarlett Luke, a master dog trainer, offering a unique program

Planking with your pooch is just one of the exercises on tap at Obedience Bootcamp.

Planking with your pooch is just one of the exercises on tap at Obedience Bootcamp.

In what by all accounts is a first for this area, Scarlett Luke, certified master dog trainer and certified personal trainer, is offering fitness classes for people and their dogs.

“It’s agility drills, strength training exercises and cardio mixed with obedience commands, so that while you’re doing a plank, your dog is doing a down-stay,” said Luke.

Doing crunches?

Your dog is doing a sit-stay.

Walk at heel and then jog at heel, “there’s so many benefits to the mental and physical stimulation of exercising with your dog, that you’ll both go home feeling invigorated.”

Easy going by nature with a commitment to her clients and a wealth of information, Luke ran obedience bootcamps back in Edmonton, Alberta for three years before relocating to Parksville.

“The class’s popularity grew so much I had to hire another trainer to keep up with the demand,” she chuckled. “It’s great fun.

“Year after year, word spread about the unique fitness classes that encourage positive dog behaviour and dog/owner bonding,” she said, adding participants are pleasantly surprised to see how fast their dogs learn to focus and follow their pack leader when a clear task is required.

The human portion of the team, “is also glad to see their waistlines shrink and their triceps firm up.”

No matter what your dog’s level of obedience is, Luke said her classes are a great for learning commands and improving focus, socialization and exercise.

As for the humans; “come as you are — athlete or beginner. It’s a circuit, so you do what you can and get stronger every time.”

PLF Bootcamp takes place at Genesis Boxing and Fitness (425 Stanford Ave., Parksville).

Outdoors if it’s sunny, indoors if it’s wet.

Classes run May 26, June 2, 9 and 16 from 2-3 p.m.

Cost is four classes for $80. Bring a leash and water.

Class size is limited; for more information or to register go to or call 250-607-7387.



— James Clarke