Mid-Island fly-fishers hitting the water

The local castaways’ club is gearing up for a new season with several classes on offer.

Aimee Hersley shows the results of her fly-fishing skills and hard work.

Aimee Hersley shows the results of her fly-fishing skills and hard work.

Tyson Taylor


The Mid–Island Castaways Fly Fishing Club is gearing up for another season of fun in the water.

The Castaways Club has expanded its offering of courses for those interested in fly-fishing and has several courses this year. Last year’s beginner’s course in fly-tying, which ran from January to April, was so popular that it has been brought back at the request of several members.

An intermediate course has been added as well. Other fly-tying courses aimed at winter steel head and lake fishing have been added for this spring.

The four-week Fundamentals of Fly Fishing course, which was formerly taught in the fall, has been moved to May. This course covers an introduction to fly-fishing equipment, fly-tying, fly-fishing knots, and fly-casting and entomology.

For those who aren’t really sure if fly-fishing is their thing and would like to find out, without investing too much money or time, the club is offering an Introduction to Fly Fishing. This is a three-hour course, which only costs $20 and requires no equipment or prior fly-fishing knowledge.

In addition to the fly-tying and beginner’s courses, there are also casting courses for intermediate and advanced casters. Some courses feature the use of single-handed rods and others feature the two-handed or Spey rods.

This year the club has created a new course for those who fly-fish, but haven’t fished for a while and feel a bit rusty. The spring tune-up (Faults and Fixes) course ensures that students will have the benefit of learning from International Fly Fishing Federation (IFFF) certified instructor Aaron Goodis. Aaron’s articles and photographs are featured in many fly-fishing magazines. He will be teaching several other courses in the line-up as well.

This year the club is offering a two -part course in the techniques of river fishing and a two-part course in the skills needed for fly-fishing on lakes.

Castaway’s club volunteers teach beginner’s courses, while the professional casting instructors teach the intermediate and advanced courses.

Space is limited so sign up soon at http://midislandcastaways.com or contact Bruce Morrison at Rbm123@shaw.ca or  250-248-5914.