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11-year-old Island boy launches inspirational website to salute late sister

Felix Townsin launched to share and encourage good deeds inspired by Lexi’s story
Felix Townsin, shown here with his sister, Lexi, who died on Oct. 19, 2019. Felix and his family have launched a new website dedicated to sharing and encouraging good deeds inspired by Lexi. (Photo Courtesy of the Townsin family)

Ever since Lexi Townsin died of a rare genetic condition in 2019, her Victoria-area family has received a steady stream of messages from people inspired by her story.

Now, the family has launched a website dedicated to collecting these stories of good will and sharing them with the world in the hopes it will lead to even more people doing good.

Lexi’s father, Troy Townsin, said the website,, was created by her 11-year-old brother Felix Townsin and is set to formally launch on Dec. 16, which would have been Lexi’s ninth birthday.

”We have been putting so much of our focus and efforts into [the Cure Blau Syndrome Foundation], but there are so many other things Lexi has inspired people to do,” said Troy. “Felix said ‘isn’t it cool Lexi can inspire people to do all these things, I wish there was a way we could inspire more of that,’ and we started thinking maybe there is. That’s how the idea for the website came about.”

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Troy said the website already features many stories of inspiration, including a friend of Lexi’s who held a toy drive in her honour and Felix’s previous projects, which include a documentary and book. He said it has become part of her legacy, inspiring people to do amazing things they wouldn’t have otherwise.

“We all have these ideas of good things we want to do, but actually taking action and doing it is another thing. If Lexi can be a part of that, helping people take action and make the world a better place, well that’s awesome.”

The site serves as a hub for any projects and organizations born out of Lexi’s legacy, such as the Cure Blau Syndrome Foundation, Lexi’s Little Leaders and Grief Getaways.

Troy said the family knows firsthand how beneficial a vacation can be in the grieving process, so part of Lexi’s legacy will be helping to organize grief getaways for other families going through similar situations. The little leaders initiative is designed to build on children’s knack for coming up with outside-the-box ideas, as they have seen with Felix by providing. It provides funding and mentorship to help youth bring their ideas to life.

“[Felix] has always been Lexi’s little champion,” said Troy. “It doesn’t surprise me at all he came up with all this.”

As for Felix himself, he says building the new website and using it to support all of the programs his sister has inspired was a simple thing to do.

“I want my sister’s spirit to live on, inspiring the people she loved and those she never got the chance to meet,” he said in a news release. “Do you wish for a world with less suffering? A world with more kindness, and generosity? So did Lexi.”

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