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Camosun College tray system differentiates kid and adult COVID vaccines

The laser-cut trays are intended to make it easier to distinguish different COVID-19 vaccine doses
Matthew Zeleny, applied research technologist, and Kai Anderson, grant worker, from Camosun Innovates, worked on the design, manufacturing and production of colour-coded trays for vials containing Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine doses for children aged 5 to 11. (Photo Courtesy of Camosun College)

Camosun College’s applied research department has developed and produced new colour-coded trays and dividers designed to make it easier to distinguish children’s doses of COVID-19 vaccines.

Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine for children is around one-third of a full adult dose, and there have been reports in the U.S. of children mistakenly being given a full adult dose at vaccination clinics.

In a news release Dec. 16, the school said 150 acrylic trays were made using a laser cutter at its Interurban Campus. Each stackable tray is designed to hold 20 vials and fit perfectly inside the ultra-low temperature portable freezers used to store the Pfizer vaccines, thanks to 3D scans of the freezers.

“Orange coloured vaccine trays allow people to easily distinguish between the children’s and adult doses of the vaccines,” said Matt Zeleny, applied research technician. “These colour-coded trays are an example of how community colleges like Camosun can hit the ground running with solutions to real-world problems.”

The distinctive children’s dose trays came out of a request by the BC Centre for Disease Control and was prompted by Camosun Innovates’ previous work designing and manufacturing clear vaccine trays for regular doses, as well as face shields and a portable personal protective equipment sterilizer.

Camosun Innovates has also developed the VI Gripper to facilitate rapid distribution and efficiently lift vaccine vials up to five at a time.

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