Parksville couple enjoys elaborate Halloween decorations

Parksville couple enjoys elaborate Halloween decorations

Weeks before Halloween comes, Rusty and Sharlene Hunt find joy in creeping people out but in a fun and spirited way.

They adorn their house located on 102 Finholm Street South in Parksville with elaborate and colourful Halloween displays that brighten up the area especially at night.

Currently, his yard and the facade of his two-storey home is full of crawling spiders of various sizes and creepiness, as well as a ghost, tombs, skeleton and also lights of various hues and brightness.

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Rusty said it’s their way of getting everyone into a festive mood.

“Just seeing them smile makes me happy,” said Ladd. “I love doing it. Just the other night a 90-year-old man came to see the displays. He was smiling and thanked me for what I am doing. But I was more surprise that he is 90 years old and still loves to see this kind of displays.”

The Hunts have been doing this for over five years and have not grown tired of it.

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