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Local Parksville business goes international with recent team bonding trip

Staff appreciation reaches new heights at M&N Mattress and Sofa
The M&N Mattress team on a recent team vacation to Mexico.

If you’ve visited M&N Mattress and Sofa recently, you may have noticed the staff looking more relaxed and refreshed than usual. Recently returned from a team bonding trip to Hard Rock Resort in Puerto Vallarta, it’s safe to say the M&N Mattress crew is feeling even more grateful than normal for the business’s amazing owners, Mark and Neelam.

“Neelam and I have been wanting to reward our amazing team members in a more meaningful way for some time now,” says owner Mark Nagra. “We eventually thought, what better way to show our gratitude for their hard work than by taking them on an early spring adventure to a warm and sunny destination!”

The idea of a staff trip came about in September of 2023 when Mark and Neelam were enjoying their own private trip to Puerto Vallarta and chatting about how lucky and thankful they were to have such reliable staff looking after things back home.

“When we went away in September, our staff, which includes our daughter Natasha, genuinely wanted us to relax and not have to worry about the business while away,” says Mark. “I remember them telling us, ‘we have it covered, just go and relax for once!’ and that trip certainly was relaxing, thanks to knowing the store was in such capable hands.”

Fast forward seven months, and the whole M&N team is now back from a well-deserved break that consisted of relaxing on the beach and by the pool, enjoying lunches and nightly dinners together, and of course, what trip to Mexico wouldn’t be complete without a little tequila and karaoke.

Since returning, Mark says he has noticed a more cohesive and collaborative environment in the store, which he attributes to the time they spent away together. He also notes that the team has some exciting news that they will be sharing with their loyal clientele in the very near future.

“This trip was only possible thanks to the continued support of our customers, and we can’t express enough our gratitude for allowing us the opportunity to really show our staff how valued and appreciated they are,” adds Mark. “We can confidently say we’re a better team because of this trip. Our staff’s hearts are always in the right place, and that is the most important quality that we look for in our team members.”

Pop in and meet the award-winning team in person at M&N Mattress & Sofa located at 291 East Island Hwy or visit them online at Follow them on Facebook for the latest updates, contests and giveaways!

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