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Kelowna declared state of emergency over flooding along local creeks

“This is totally unexpected”
Bridge over Kelowna’s Mission Creek at KLO and Spiers roads. (Photo/Jacqueline Gelineau)

A local state of emergency has been declared for the Kelowna area in response to isolated flooding in several creeks in the city.

The Central Okanagan Emergency Operations Centre has also been activated. Regional District of Central Okanagan Emergency Program Coordinator Sandra Follack said the state of emergency is expected to last four or five days.

“We didn’t anticipate this weather coming in,” said Follack.

She explained that the predictive models and Environment Canada expected around 20mm of rain, though Kelowna saw up to 65mm in the last day - more than the creeks could handle.

“This is totally unexpected.”

City crews have been clearing debris from a bridge across Kelowna’s Mission Creek, and are inspecting other bridges, looking for debris in the areas, and monitoring the water levels and the weather. Several roads have been closed due to flooding as well.

Property owners in flood-prone and low-lying areas have been told they are responsible for protecting their properties from possible flood damage. Sand and sandbags have been deployed to some areas, and residents can also pick up sandbags at several locations throughout the city.

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