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Stop signs have one instruction

Follow the rules of the road, for safety’s sake

It’s time to overturn pot laws

Shutdown of Parksville dispensary no help to local patients

Paramedics should be deemed essential service

We took your question of the day and were very surprised to find that Paramedics were not under the umbrella of Essential Services like firemen and policemen.

Public budget process needs more transparency

City Council wants you to participate in a budget deliberation exercise, but doesn’t want you to be prepared for that debate. They’d rather keep the budget figures to themselves until the evening of debate and then distribute the numbers.

Parking is the problem downtown, not signage

Parksville Downtown Business Association is asking City council for $210,000 for signage in the downtown area to help revitalization in the area. They want a guarantee of $70,000 per year for three years.

Businesses should pay for tourism signs downtown

“Wayfinding” street signs that direct visitors to community attractions are springing up in many places around the province. Now Parksville’s council is considering supporting a proposal by the Parksville Downtown Business Association to put in a couple of dozen wayfinding street signs costing $210,000 of our tax dollars .